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Product listing for LASER DISC CORPORATION OF AMER - 0013023

CodeProduct NameSize
0013023000193La Femme Nikita, DVD, French/English
0013023000292Beastie Boys: Sabotage
0013023000391Tenchi The Movie - Tenchi Muyo In Love
0013023000490Karaoke #PDK 001: Pioneer
0013023000599Karaoke #PDK 002: Pioneer
0013023000698Queen: We Will Rock You (Old Version)
0013023000797DragonBall Z: Dead Zone
0013023000995Kids (Pioneer)
0013023001091Dragon Ball Z: The Movie #3: Tree of Might
0013023001190Red Arrows: Rolling in Sky
0013023001299Blue Angels: Rolling In The Sky
0013023001398Tenchi The Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness
0013023001497Karaoke Neil Diamond #1: Pioneer
0013023001596Karaoke Standards #1: Pioneer
0013023001695Karaoke Rock And Pop #01: Pioneer
0013023001794Karaoke Country #1: The Ladies Of Country: Pioneer
0013023001893Club MTV Party To Go #1
0013023001992Karaoke Rock And Pop #02: Modern Rock Women: Pioneer
0013023002098Karaoke Brooks & Dunn #1: Pioneer
0013023002197Karaoke Classic Rock #1: Pioneer
0013023002296Karaoke R&B #1: Pioneer (Original Version)
0013023002395Earth, Wind, And Fire: Live In Japan
0013023002494Club MTV Party To Go #2
0013023002593Salt Of The Earth/ The Hollywood Ten
0013023002692Green Legend Ran
0013023002791Opening Night
0013023002890Woman Under The Influence
0013023002999Shadows (1959)
0013023003293Karaoke Rock And Roll Oldies #1: Pioneer
0013023003392Karaoke Country #2: The Gentlemen Of Country: Pioneer
0013023003491Karaoke R&B #2: Pioneer
0013023003590Karaoke Rock And Pop #03: 90's Hits: Pioneer
0013023003798Kenny Loggins: Alive
0013023003897Karaoke Country #3: Classic Country Hits: Pioneer
0013023003996Karaoke Rock And Pop #04: Pioneer
0013023004092Karaoke Classic Rock #2: Pioneer
0013023004191Karaoke #PDK 003: Pioneer
0013023004290B. B. King: Live in Africa
0013023004399John Lennon: Sweet Toronto / Keep on Rockin'
0013023004498DragonBall Z: The Movie - The World's Strongest
0013023004597Reggae Movie
0013023004696Ranma 1/2 The Movie: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China (DVD - Pioneer/Viz))
0013023004795Pointer Sisters: Live in Africa
0013023004894Otis Redding: Remembering Otis (Old Version)
0013023004993Karaoke Rock And Pop #05: Women: Pioneer
0013023005099Karaoke Classic Rock #3: Pioneer
0013023005198Karaoke Rock And Roll Oldies #2: Pioneer
0013023005297Karaoke Country #4: The Gentlemen Of Country: Pioneer
0013023005396Band: Live At The New Orleans Jazz Fest
0013023005495Muddy Waters: Live At The Chicago Fest
0013023005594Jerry Lee Lewis: The Story Of Rock And Roll (Old Version)
0013023005693Karaoke Library #01: Pioneer
0013023005792Karaoke Library #02: Pioneer
0013023005891Karaoke Library #03: Pioneer
0013023005990Karaoke Library #04: Pioneer
0013023006096Karaoke Library Country #1: Pioneer
0013023006294Karaoke R&B #3: Pioneer
0013023006393Karaoke Country #5: The Ladies Of Country: Pioneer
0013023006430Tench Muyo! Mihoshi Special - VHS Subtitled
0013023006492Karaoke Classic Rock #4: Pioneer
0013023006591Karaoke Rock And Pop #06: Rock And Roll Favorites: Pioneer
0013023006690Karaoke Library #05: Pioneer
0013023006799Karaoke Library #06: Pioneer
0013023006898Karaoke Library #07: Pioneer
0013023006997Karaoke Library #08: Pioneer
0013023007093Karaoke Library Country #2: Pioneer
0013023007192Celia Cruz: Quantanamera
0013023007291Little Richard: Keep On Rockin'
0013023007499Doors: The Doors Are Open (Old Version)
0013023007598James Brown: Body Heat
0013023007697Karaoke Classic Rock #5: Pioneer
0013023007796Karaoke Classic Frank Sinatra #1: Pioneer
0013023007895Karaoke R&B #4: Pioneer
0013023007994Karaoke Country #6: Classic Country: Pioneer
0013023008090Karaoke R&B #5: Pioneer
0013023008199Karaoke Standards #2: Pioneer
0013023008298Karaoke Rock And Pop #07: 80's And 90's Hits: Pioneer
0013023008397Karaoke Rock And Roll Oldies #3: Pioneer
0013023008496Karaoke Library #09: Pioneer
0013023008595Ranma 1/2 The Movie 2: Nihao My Concubine (DVD - Pioneer/Viz)
0013023008694George Clinton: Paliament Funkadelic: The Mothership Connection (Old Version)
0013023008793Woodstock Jazz Festival: Chick Corea/Pat Metheny/Lee Konitz (Old Version)
0013023008892Chuck Berry: Rock And Roll Music (Old Version)
0013023008991Metropolitan Opera: Centennial Gala
0013023009097Metropolitan Opera: Puccini: Tosca
0013023009196Metropolitan Opera: Puccini: La Boheme
0013023009394Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Special Edition)
0013023009493Karaoke Library #10: Pioneer
0013023009592Karaoke Rock And Pop #08: 80's And 90's Hits: Pioneer
0013023009691Karaoke Country #7: Country Ladies: Pioneer
0013023009790Pulling G's
0013023009899Karaoke Classic Rock #6: Pioneer
0013023009998Karaoke R&B #6: Pioneer
0013023010093High Crusade
001302301019230th Anniversary Of Rock And Roll All Star Jam: Bo Diddley
0013023010291Karaoke Library #11: Pioneer
0013023010390Karaoke Rock And Pop #09: 80's And 90's Hits: Pioneer
0013023010499Karaoke Rock And Roll Oldies #4: Pioneer
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