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UPC Codes

All UPC / EAN codes listed on this site are directly from the UPC Database, which provides its data for free under the GPL.



Why am I doing this? Because I can, and it's fun to build things. Maybe someone will find this useful, one day. Maybe i'll add new features that will make it more useful.


About Barcodes

The EAN-13 barcodes are used worldwide for marking retail goods. The symbol encodes 13 numerals:

  • The first two or three are a system code, usually identifying the country in which the manufacturer is registered (not necessarily where the product is actually made). This can be replaced with 978 or 979 for ISBNs, or 977 for ISSNs.
  • The country code is followed by 9 or 10 data digits (depending on the length of the country code)
    • For ISBN barcodes, this consists of the publisher and the item number
  • It ends by a single digit checksum computed modulo 10, where the weights in the checksum calculation alternate 1 and 3. In particular, since the weights are relatively prime to 10 the EAN system will detect all single digit errors. But since the difference of consecutive weights is even, the EAN system does not detect all adjacent transposition errors.



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A current MySQL database dump is available here. It is in GZip format. I provide it here in the spirit of sharing, but it's likely to not be the most up to date list.



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