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EAN Company ID: 1491

Product listing for OFFICEMAX INCORPORATED - 0011491

CodeProduct NameSize
0011491000011premium stud
0011491000226Fir plywood, good one side
00114910002573/8" x 4' x 8' Plywood
0011491001216Boise Cascade Business Stationary
00114910025035/4"x4"x8' #2 pine lumber
0011491116019Integrity Copy Paper
0011491141257Boise Cascade Presentation Inkjet paper
0011491141349Paper Pro-92 500 sheets
0011491151881Boise Cascade Coated Inkjet Paper
0011491152413Cascade Xerographic 24LB. white paper
0011491153113Cascade Xerographic 8.5" x 11" white print paper
0011491155117Boise Cascade Copy Paper 8.5x11 20lb.
0011491156619Boise MP Colors 8.5x11 20# Green Recycled Paper
0011491167813Boise Cascade MP Cover
0011491440015OfficeMax MaxBrite Multi-purpose paper
0011491440091MaxBrite Inkjet Paper
0011491440121MaxBrite Multi-Purpose Paper 8 1/2"x11"
0011491440152Xerographic Copy Paper
0011491440190MaxBrite Inkjet Paper
0011491518615Cascade Laser Paper #20 10M
0011491549015Boise Cascade ASPEN Xerographic 8.5x11" White 20lb.
0011491549077Boise Cascade Aspen Recycled White Paper
0011491549114Aspen Xerographic White 20lb 8x11
0011491549145Boise 8 1/2 x 14 Copier Paper
0011491551018Boise Cascade X-9000 Copy Paper; 8.5 x 11 20 lb. (case)
00114915520158.5 X 11 xerographic paper 500 SHTS
0011491553012Carton of Xerocopy 3, White, 20 lb. Copy Paper, 5000 Sheets
0011491559571OfficeMax MaxBrite Premium Recycled Copy Paper (500 letter size sheets)
0011491820008Ream of paper(Reliable)
0011491960346OfficeMax CD Travel Wallet
0011491960407Tech Solutions Classic Keyboard
0011491960414100 Slim CD Cases (OfficeMax)
0011491960445OfficeMax Slim Jewel Cases
0011491960605Drafting chair
0011491960612Leather Executive Chair
0011491960919OfficeMax Compressed Gas Duster
0011491964603TechSolutions 512MB USB 2.0 Flash Drive #P-FD512-RF
0011491970000Cap Erasers - 12 count
0011491970086Highmark Foldback Binder Clips
0011491970109HighMark Pencils No. 2
0011491970116Highmark Standard Staples Chisel Point
0011491970772File Folders
0011491970963Highmark hanging file folders box of 25 standard green
0011491971120Staple Remover
00114919712053x5 Index Cards
0011491971526OfficeMax Black 1" Capacity Economy Binder Item # 04004507 , Style # K311-10-BK
0011491971823Office Max File Folders
0011491972462Ball point pen - Blue
0011491972479HighMark Pen
0011491973025Phone Message Book - Carbonless
0011491973124OfficeMax Steno Notebook 97312
0011491973261Steno Notebook 80 sheet
0011491973568Office Max Standard Rubber Bands Size 32
0011491973582Highmark Standard Rubber Bands
0011491973735HighMark Glue Stick
0011491973759HighMark Glue Stick
0011491974138Highmark folding binder clips 3/4"
0011491974237Highmark Foldback Binder Clips
0011491974510Letter Opener
0011491974619Pen Refils #97461 cont.:12
0011491974688HighMark Fine point, black permanent marker
0011491974923Pocket Memo Book
0011491974930OfficeMax Yellow Highlighter
0011491975135Paper Clips
0011491975142Paper clips
0011491975517HighMark Permanent Marker
0011491975531HighMark Stapler
0011491976262OfficeMax 1 Subject Notebook
00114919762791 Subject Notebook
0011491978099OfficeMax Panel Clips, 50ct
0011491978136Invisible Tape
0011491980023Officemax parchment paper
0011491980047White Linen Paper 8.5x11
0011491980207Looseleaf paper
0011491980290MaxBrite Copy Paper
0011491980580InkJet Bumper Stickers 6 sheets
0011491981174No. 9 Double Window Security Envelopes
0011491981198Office Max Brand 50 Count #10 Regular White Envelopes
0011491981211OfficeMax White Security Envelopes
0011491981228Envelopes, White Security, 40 count
0011491981259OfficeMax Envelopes (gum sealed)
0011491981273Envelopes-Sobres para invitaciones
0011491981310CD/DVD Envelopes
0011491981556Office Max White 190g Matte Coated Clean Cut Business Cards 250 cards
0011491983116Business Card Holder, Clear
0011491985097Highmark CD Storage Cases, Slim, Black
0011491985226Highmark compressed gas duster
0011491985318High Mark Screen Cleaner Wipes
0011491985356Office Max 3.5 1.44 disks
0011491985462premium surge protector
0011491985479Compressed Gas Duster qty12
0011491985509Telephone Cleaning Wipes
0011491988715Toner cartridge for HP LaserJet 4P; Replaces HP 92274A; remanufactured
0011491989477Gas Duster
0011491989712Office Max multi Purpose Cleaning Wipes
00114919901141" View Ring Binder
0011491990138Officemax Econ View Binder
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