Company Information for SAKAR INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Company Registered In: USA & Canada
EAN Company ID: 1331

Product listing for SAKAR INTERNATIONAL, INC. - 0021331

CodeProduct NameSize
0021331001177iConcepts Optical Retractable Mouse
0021331003171Sakar Mobile Motion - Notebook Light
002133100626413 memory speaker phone
0021331008176Sakar Mobile Motion - Mobile Mini Numeric Keypad
0021331016003Caller ID Telephone
0021331040176iConcepts Data Link Cable
0021331100474PDA Mini Keyboard
0021331100696I Concepts CD/CDRW Lens Cleaner
0021331101440iConcepts Inferno Illuminated Internet Keyboard
0021331106353DVD Sound Case / Laptop
0021331109477Iconcepts wireless PDA Keyboard
0021331120342Digital Concepts Lens Cleaning Kit
0021331120922Lens Cleaning Kit, 3 pc.
0021331130471iConcepts PDA Thumb Board for Compaq iPaQ 3800 & 3900 series
0021331145475PDA Replacement Stylus
0021331162502iConcepts Windows 107 Key Keyboard
0021331162526107 Keyboard
0021331223791USB Digital Camera
0021331253620Digital Optics Wide-Angle Lens
0021331255099digital camera kit
0021331255846Digital Camera Universal Adapter
0021331255921Digital Concepts digital camera AC/DC rapid charger with batteries
0021331256256Digital 2x Telephoto lens -- Digital Optics / Japan
0021331256768Digital Camera Battery Charger
0021331256843Sakar SP-60 Digital Camera Universal Screen Protectors
0021331256850Digital Concepts Memory Stick card reader
0021331256898Digital Concepts CR-20 Smart Media Reader
0021331256935Compact Flash Card Reader / Writer (Digital Concepts)
0021331257338Digital Concepts CR-35 MMC/SD Card Reader/Writer
0021331257451Sakar Digital Camera Deluxe Starter Kit
0021331257468Sakar Compact Camcorder Bag
00213312575988 in 1 Card Reader/Writer
0021331257758Universal Camcorder Battery
0021331257925Digital Camera Battery - Canon
0021331257963Digital Photo/Video Tripod
0021331258069Digital Camera XD/Smart media Combo Card Reader/Writer
0021331258519Sharp Camcorder Battery
0021331258595Digital Concepts Battery Charger Kit, with 4 AA Ni-Mh Batteries
0021331258632Digital Concepts NIMH batteries 2200mAh
0021331258984Digital Camera/ Video UV Filter
0021331259158Sakar Digital Camera Starter Kit
0021331262523Portable AC to DC Power Inverter
0021331324665CyberGear Mini-Phone
0021331370044Crystal Optics Quality Filter UV V37
0021331611505iConcepts Retractable Phone Cord
0021331611529iConcepts 8' Retractable Phone Cord
0021331628664Cyber Gear Walkie Talkies
0021331690524iConcepts Digital Camera Model 69052
0021331704467IConcepts PDA Universal Starter Kit
0021331710352Digital Camera conversion Adapter Canon S1
0021331731524iConcepts - PC Tool Kit
0021331732507iConcepts Clip-On Copy Holder, Item # 73252
0021331735522iConcepts PC & Electronics Cleaning Wipes
0021331737526iConceptsComplete PC Dust Cover Set
0021331739520Iconcepts Radial CD Cleaning Kit
0021331741523iConcepts Large Gel Mouse Pad
0021331742902Digital Camera/Video Mini Tripod
0021331743794Digital Concepts Digital Camera Kit
0021331750532Iconcept 4 port Mini USB Hub
0021331754684Cyber Gear 3 in 1 Digital Camera
0021331761521Six Outlet w/surge protector
00213317625286 Outlet Modem PC Surge Protector
0021331763792Digital Concepts Digital Camera w/flash
0021331770523Optical Mouse
0021331773524iConcepts 4D Five Button Wheel Scroll Mouse
0021331773791Digital Camera
00213317759240.42X FISHEYE LENS MACRO FOR NIKON D50 N80 N75 N65 N55
0021331781536iConcept 107 Keyboard
0021331786524iConcepts Desktop Trio 107 Key Keyboard with 4D Scroll Mouse and Gel Mouse Pad, Part No. 78652
0021331790330iConcepts Adrenaline 2.1 Sub Woofer System
0021331821706Sakar Sportstek 8x21 Compact Binoculars, rubber coated
0021331823793DIGITAL Digital Camera
0021331830401FISHEYE LENS FOR NIKON N80 N70 N75 N65 F55 F75 F65 F80
0021331834461iConcepts 4 in 1 PDA Stylus
0021331843791Gear-to-Go Digital Camera
0021331850072Sakar Matrix Zone VideoSpy toy
0021331864680Palm Tunes PDA
002133187003257 inches Digital Photo / Video Tripod
0021331870049Digital Concepts 70" 3-section Deluxe Tripod with Carrying Case (Folds to 28")
0021331883797Kidz Cam Digital Camera Kit
00213319072710.42X FISHEYE LENS MACRO FOR NIKON COOLPIX 8700 5700
0021331919175Professional Camera/Camcorder Bag MT-803
0021331923790Digital Camera
0021331926012Sakar Energy Solutions Digital Camera 6V Regulated AC Adaptor
0021331987754"Streetgear" Technobot
0021331994660Cybergear Digital MP3/FM Player
0021331997135NiMH Rechargeable
0021331997166Crystal Optics Camera/Video Filter Kit
0021331998019Digital camera Charger
0021331999108glass circular polarizing filter - Japan - 15yr warranty
0021331999214Digital Optics Camera/Video Filter Kit
0021331999221Titanium Super Wide Angle Lens
0021331999412Sakar HT756-CL Memory Speaker Phone (White)
0021331999429Sakar International Caller ID Telephone-Black KT1600CL-BLK
0021331999900Digital Optics 2X Titanium Telephoto Lens
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