Company Registered In: USA & Canada
EAN Company ID: 3918

Product listing for WEJ-IT/DIV OF UNITED INDUSTRIES - 0013918

CodeProduct NameSize
00139180113035630 5/16 X 3 WEJIT IN BOX
0013918012263ZAT3823 3/8X2-3/4 STD/B ANCHOR
00139180133451232 1/2 X 3 1/2 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180201691413 1/4 X 1 3/4 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180202681423 1/4 X 2 3/4 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180203051430 1/4 X 3 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180212035620 5/16 X 2 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180222003820 3/8 X 2 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180222623823 3/8 X 2 3/4 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180223473832 3/8 X 3 1/2 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180225073850 3/8 X 5 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180226063860 3/8 X 6 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180232691223 1/2 X 2 3/4 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180235041250 1/2 X 5 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180236031260 1/2 X 6 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180243415832 5/8 X 3 1/2 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180244405842 5/8 X 4 1/2 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180245015850 5/8 X 5 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180246005860 5/8 X 6 WEJIT IN BOX
00139180254093440 3/4X4 WEJ-IT IN BOX
00139180255083450 3/4X5 WEJ-IT IN BOX
00139180256073460 3/4X6 WEJ-IT IN BOX
0013918100168ZAT1413 1/4X1-3/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918100229ZAT1421 1/4X2-1/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918100328ZAT1431 1/4X3-1/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918102223ZAT3821 3/8X2-1/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918102360ZAT3833 3/8X3-3/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918102506ZAT3850 3/8X5 STUD BOLT ANCHOR
0013918103268ZAT1223 1/2X2-3/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918103367ZAT1233 1/2X3-3/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918103541ZAT1252 1/2X5-1/2 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918103701ZAT1270 1/2X7 STUD/BOLT ANCHOR
0013918104425ZAT5841 5/8X4-1/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918105460ZAT3443 3/4X4-3/4 STD/B ANCHOR
0013918173940CP1413 1/4X1-3/4 ALL ANCHOR
0013918174329CP1423 1/4X2-3/8 ALL ANCHOR
0013918174701CP5620 5/16X2 ALL ANCHOR
0013918175081CP5623 5/16X2-3/4 ALL ANCHOR
0013918175463CP3823 3/8X2-3/8 ALL ANCHOR
0013918175845CP3832 3/8X3-1/2 ALL ANCHOR
0013918176224CP3843 3/8X4-3/4 ALL ANCHOR
0013918176606CP1223 1/2X2-3/4 ALL ANCHOR
0013918176989CP1232 1/2X3-1/2 ALL ANCHOR
0013918177368CP1243 1/2X4-3/4 ALL ANCHOR
0013918178129CP5840 5/8X4 ALL ANCHOR
0013918200134ZASA1413 1/4X1-3/8 SLV ANCHOR
0013918200226ZFSA1421 1/4X2-1/4 ST/B ANCHOR
0013918211147ZHSA5612 5/16X1-1/2 SLV ANCHOR
0013918211246ZHSA5622 5/16X2-1/2 SLV ANCHOR
0013918212175ZHSA3813 3/8X1-7/8 SLV ANCHOR
0013918212304ZHSA3830 3/8X3 SLV ANCHOR
0013918213226ZHSA1221 1/2X2-1/1 SLV ANCHOR
0013918213301ZHSA1230 1/2X3 SLEEV ANCHOR
0013918214421ZHSA5841 5/8X4-1/2 SLV ANCHOR
0013918230322ZFSA1431 1/4X3-1/4 SLV ANCHOR
0013918402002WD14 1/4 STEEL DROP-IN ANCHOR
0013918404006WD38 3/8 STEEL DROP-IN ANCHOR
0013918405003WD12 1/2 STEEL DROP-IN ANCHOR
0013918601306TBR3630 3/16X3 RH TOGGLE BOLT
0013918950688HWLD18 1/8DL HOLLW WALL ANCHOR
0013918950879HWS18 1/8S HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR
0013918951449HWSD18 1/8DS HOLLW WALL ANCHOR
0013918953153LSL14 1/4L LAG SCREW SHIELD
0013918953535LSL56 5/16L LAG SCREW SHIELD
0013918953726LSL38 3/8L LAG SCREW SHIELD
0013918956000LSS14 1/4S LAG SCREW SHIELD
0013918956192LSS12 1/2S LAG SCR SHIELD
0013918956383LSS56 5/16S LAG SCR SHIELD
0013918956574LSS38 3/8S LAG SCREW SHIELD
0013918967594PC0603 6-8X3/4 PLAS SCR ANCHOR
0013918967785PC0807 8-10X7/8 PLA SCR ANCHOR
0013918968546PC1010 10-12X1 PLA SCR ANCHOR
0013918968737PC1413 14X1-3/8 PLA SCR ANCHOR
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